AGRI Environmental Group Ltd – About us

Having acquired the assets of one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist Liquid fertiliser application equipment. Agri Environmental is also the UK agent for Genap a world leader in Geo-membrane technology. Agri Environmental also provides compliance and planning services through a wide network of industry specialist. This allows us to offer a full turnkey package to client. So we can manage ground work to final storage solutions and application technology to make your infrastructure development as easy as possible.

Modern farming and industry need more than just durable, precision-made environmental management facilities and machinery. Here at Agri Environmental we understand that environmental legislation will continue to get stricter and serious breaches have major consequences.

Additionally, financial pressures mean that everything on a modern farm, factory, waste processing units and food processing plants must be meticulously designed to be cost-effective and efficient. Working with a number of leading industry partners we can deliver the highest quality at affordable prices.

At Agri Environmental it is clear that professional advice and customer service needed to match the quality of our products. We continually strive to offer an unparalleled combination of reliable products and individual service. Our aim is to earn your loyalty and ensure that ours is the first number you call, whether you’re a small family-run farm or a large business.