Delivery Systems

Choosing the method of spreading slurry or digestate will be dictated by practical considerations depending on the cropping programme and ground type. Both the dribble bar and trailing shoe have the advantages of reducing wind drift and odour as well as being more efficient in utilising the soil nutrients available.

A trailing shoe will reduce ammonia lost to the atmosphere by up to 55% compared to splash plate.

AEG Dribble bar

Comes with
•Vogelsang Exacut macerator with 50mm outlets (28 outlets per 6.0m working width)
•Available in “A” frame or three point linkage/tanker linkage
•Hydrauic folding  ( should be hydraulic)
•Umbilical Arm with rear gate valve
•Location for Flow Meter if required
•Road Lights
•Painted or galvanised finish
•Built for heavy duty

Dribble Bar generally have huge advantage over Splash Plate by helping to reducing odour and reduction of ammonia loss to atmosphere. There are options of fitting either of these machines with a ‘Spiker’ or ‘Airator’ which not only allows slurry to penetrate the ground but also opens compacted ground.

Sizes available from 5.0m to 12.0m

•Working width-6.00m, 8.60m and 12.0m
•Number of outlets- 28,40 or 56
•Transport width- 3 metre (Hydraulic folding for 4.8 and 6.4 metre)   – remove measurements from the brackets – leaving Hydraulic folding)

Trailing Shoe

The Trailing Shoe can be used as an Umbilical machine as illustrated or converted quickly and easily for use behind a tanker.

Distribution is through a hydraulically driven macerator which ensures an even distribution throughout the full width of the machine.

Each outlet is supplied by a 50mm hose.

General specification:

  • Working width-6.00 metres, 8.60 metres
    and 12.0 metres
  • Number of outlets- 28,40 or 56
  • Transport width- 3 metre (Hydraulic folding for 4.8 and 6.4 metre)
  • Spacing between outlets-220mm
  • Number of outlets per elements – one
  • Outlet hoses 50mm diameter
  • Outlet nozzles-rubber
  • Two double acting spools required
  • Ideal use-growing crops and grassland

Tanker Specification

  • Hydraulically driven macerator
  • Easily fitted to existing tanker
  • Lightweight machine, no linkage necessary

Umbilical specification

•Convertible to tanker mounting
•Adapt with 3 point linkage category 2
•Umbilical swivel-arm with gate valve and flange for coupling umbilical hose

Each element contains on shoe that is depressed into growing crop. Pressure being applied by springs.

Shallow Injection

Application Rate

4000 Gallons per Acre, Controlled by Electronic Flow Meter-Details

Fully automatic flow meter fitted to Veenhuis shallow injector. (In cab display not visible)


AEG can fabricate a wide range of reelers to fit our customer’s needs.

AEG can fabricate a wide range of reelers to fit our customers needs.

We can supply:

• Front and rear mounted hose reeler
•Mounted Hose Reelers
•Trailed Hose Reelers