Silage Covers & Clamps

Silage Sheeting/Ballast Bags

Ballast bags are used for securing the silage clamp cover. These green bags are made from PE-monofil and woven fabric. The ballast bags are 120 cm long, approx. 14 cm in diameter and are fitted with a handle.

ARK Silage Clamps

The unique design on the ARK silage clamp produces silage of the highest quality, reduces silage waste to less than 5% (saving you money) and provides a safe environment to work due to the platform provided by the earth banks – particularly useful when sheeting the clamp. ​

ARK Side Wall Sheets

Product Information

  • 140 micron side wall sheet
  • Strong and durable – made from 100% raw material
  • Protects your concrete panels from corrosive leachate
  • Helps to keep your clamp air tight to minimise waste and improve silage quality
  • Prevents rainwater entering your clamp down the side of the panels

ARK Gravel Bags

Product Information

  • High quality
  • Incredibly strong
  • Durable
  • UV stable
  • Each bag is supplied with a plastic coated stainless steel wire for tying the gravel bag
  • Built in carry handle for easy handling
  • Dimensions: 27cm x 120cm

ARK Clamp Netting

Product Information
Protective netting protects your silage sheets against damage from birds and other wildlife

  • Incredibly strong protective netting
  • Lightweight and easy to handle (220g/square meter)
  • UV resistant
  • Long lifespan

Available sizes: 10x16m, 10x18m, 10x20m, 10x25m (other sizes available upon request).

ARK ​Oxygen Barrier Silage Sheets

Product Information
An all-in-one silage sheet that replaces the traditional cling film under layer and top sheet with a single oxygen barrier film.

    • Single sheet – quick and easy to use
    • Improved oxygen barrier – virtually zero oxygen can penetrate the sheet
    • Incredibly strong – made from 100% virgin material
    • Eliminates surface waste and improves silage quality by reducing losses within the clamp
    • UV stable
    • Fully recyclable
    • UK warehouse – next day delivery

Available sizes: 10x35m, 10x50m, 12x50m, 12x150m, 14x50m, 16x50m, 16x100m and 16x150m.

Quick n’ Fix Belts

Quick n’ Fix gravel bag belts hold the gravel bags in place and prevent them from slipping off the silage clamp.

Quick n’ Fix belts work especially well with field clamps where the sides of the clamp tend to be steeper causing gravel bags to slip and fall down the clamp. The Quick n Fix system eliminates this problem.

Quick n’ Fix comes in 10.3m lengths containing 11 hooks and 1 connecting hook.

Quick n’ Fix belts are incredibly strong, durable and weather proof and will last for a number of years.