Corrugated Tank

The tank consists of hot-dip galvanised, polyurethane-coated corrugated steel panels. It is easy to build and is supplied up to a diameter of 29.13 metres and a capacity of up to 2078m3. The tank is ideal for installation on surfaces with low load-bearing capacities; concrete base is not always necessary. Depending on the volume, the wall is usually built 0.8 or 1.6 metres below ground level on a simple ring foundation of concrete slabs or tiles.


This cover is suitable for round tanks and floats directly on top of the liquid, moving up and down with fluid level in the tank. The floating cover system reduces the loss to atmosphere of ammonia and nitrates. The system is particularly suitable for covering existing tanks that cannot bear the weight of a tensioned cover. Rainwater collected on the cover can be pumped off the top, increasing the storage volume of the tank.

Silo liner

The liner for this silo consists of 1 mm thick Fecatex PVC foil for the bottom and Genatex 850, reinforced PVC foil, for the walls. The liner has an edge with an overlap of Genatex 850 with stainless steel rings. The liner is fixated to the silo with dralon cord. We supply protection sheets to place in between the steel silo and the liner, for protection of the liner. This can also be used on the bottom.

This liner meets the European construction guidelines for manure storage and has a KIWA certificate. The liner guarantees a waterproof system, which prevents contamination of ground water.

Tensioned cover for storage tanks

The tensioned covers are made to order. The cover is fitted with two standard-sized manholes (safety requirement). The manholes can be adjusted to accommodate submersible mixers. The cover is a made-to-order product and is designed specifically for each slurry/digestate store, taking into account the snow and wind load at the construction site.