What We Do

Environmental Engineering

Specialist farmland manufactures

Agri-Environmental manufacture, sell and service a comprehensive range of specialist equipment for storing, processing and transporting agricultural slurry and other bulk liquid waste. If you’re not sure which equipment you need, please just get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Products are manufactured to the highest engineering standards to ensure years of trouble free use. We stock a wide range of spare parts and offer cost-effective maintenance and servicing contracts.

Slurry Storage and Management

EA and SEPA rules governing the storage and use of slurry are becoming stricter – particularly in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs). When you manage and apply slurry properly it also becomes a more consistent and effective fertiliser, reducing the need for chemicals and limiting the impact on the environment.

Agri-Environmental helps farms of all sizes to design, implement and operate slurry management systems that are cost-effective, safe, and have the minimum environmental impact. We provide consultancy, design and planning services.

We also install lagoons and floating covers using the latest technology and provide the equipment you need to pump, agitate and spread slurry to make the most effective use of the resource.

Slurry Pumps

We supply a full range of slurry pumps to suit the size, location and type of slurry store you use. Options include static slurry pumps, mobile pumps and electric or PTO powered options. We will help you select the most appropriate pumping solution for your needs.

Slurry Mixers and Agitators

Effective mixing makes slurry a more consistent and valuable resource. Choosing the most appropriate slurry mixer is an important decision. Whether you store slurry in lagoons, tanks, above or below ground – we have the ideal slurry mixing solution.

Umbilical Pumping Systems

Investing in the most appropriate pumping and spreading system will ensure that you use slurry efficiently. If your farm is in an NVZ you will also need to demonstrate that you have appropriate controls in place for fertiliser use. We have a wide range of reelers, spreaders, dribble bars and trailing shoe slurry application systems.

Anaerobic Digestate

Anaerobic Digesters (ADs) are an increasingly popular way of turning food and other organic waste into biofuel for clean energy generation. The digestate byproduct also makes an effective fertiliser. Agri-Environmental provides consultancy as well as specialist equipment such as tanks, separators and pumps to ensure the digestate is a consistent and valuable product.

Anaerobic Digestate Handling

Agri-Environmental supplies a wide range of digestate tanks and equipment for digestate pumping and separation to ensure you achieve the best possible return from the by-products of anaerobic digesters.