What We Do

Environmental Management

Agri-Environmental helps farms and businesses meet the increasing challenges of managing bulk liquid waste safely and profitably, while minimising the impact on the environment.

Agricultural Slurry Management

To manage agricultural slurry efficiently and safely you need well designed systems for collection, storage, management and use. Using a modern approach reduces the potential impact on the environment, maximises the financial value of the product and reduces your reliance on chemical fertilisers.

Supermarkets and consumers increasingly want environmentally friendly and sustainable produce. Using effective systems and equipment to manage agricultural waste is an important part of that process.

Agri-Environmental offers a complete service from design and specification, through to installation and management. This covers every step of the process from slurry collection and storage, through to the efficient and safe use of slurry as a fertiliser.

We’ll also manage your planning application and EA/SEPA approval. You can take advantage of the complete service, including the plant and ancillary equipment you need. Or you can buy in the specific support you need most.

Industrial and Environmental

Environmental legislation (including SUDS), increasing landfill costs and the business opportunities offered by clean energy generation are revolutionising the way we look at by-products and what we used to think of as waste.

Anaerobic Digesters (ADs) are an increasingly popular option for turning organic waste (including food) into biogas. This fuel is used to generate clean energy and in combined heat and power plants. The digestate produced is an effective fertiliser when it is managed and handled appropriately.

Agri-Environmental provides specialist support and equipment to help you get the best financial return from the digestate. We also help agricultural businesses to design integrated solutions including slurry management and producing quality digestate complying with BSI PAS 110. Our specialist equipment such as digestate tanks and digestate separators are designed and manufactured to deliver reliable performance.

Effective liquid waste management is increasingly important in a wide range of industries including brewing and food production. Agri-Enviromental has the specialist knowledge to design and implement cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Want to turn liquid waste management from a headache into an opportunity? Contact Agri-Environmental on 01404 861236 or tell us about your challenge here.